I want to help you improve every aspect of your life – money, work, productivity, relationships – so you can live with less stress and have more freedom.

It’s a bold claim. Let me show you.

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Why am I qualified?

The Failures

Without the low points, I’d have nothing to offer you.

  • I failed at seven consecutive startups and eventually had one successful business.

  • I experienced the lifelong torture of severe mental illness and defeated it.

  • I have been fired.

  • I have been rejected by publications, wannabe influencers, book publishers, hip startups, and other writers too.

  • I failed at building an online academy several times.

The Successes

(You don’t care about the nonsense of followers. It’s social proof. That’s all.)

  • I’ve written online for the last 9 years straight

  • I have 312,000 followers on Medium dot com

  • I have 503,000 followers on LinkedIn

  • I have 140,000 email subscribers

  • I have 22,000+ Twitter followers

  • I have tens of thousands of hits to my website every month

  • I have built “Bad-Assery Academy” with thousands of successful students (3rd time lucky)

I’d have to be an idiot by now to *not* have learned a few things to help you massively improve your life.

Social media is broken


You’ve seen at least one of these occur on your favorite social media app.

  • Social media algorithms that don’t always understand reader’s needs.

  • Accidental censorship (looking at you Zucks/Facebook).

  • A war on headlines, preventing a topic from shinning.

  • Accidentally banning users – both content creators and the audience.

  • Readers/writers having their comments moderated for voicing their honest opinion.

Unfiltered is the answer

All of the articles I share will be Unfiltered.

No more special publication formatting.
No more editors taking out the best bits of the story.
No more images being replaced with a white dude in a paddock holding a flower.
No more “let’s not accidentally offend anybody.”
No more talk about clickbait headlines that don’t exist.
No more ads hidden in the content.
No more embedded stories within embedded stories.
No more ban on external links to helpful resources.

Think of this publication in the same way you do the book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson.

We’re about to have some fun and learn a shit ton along the way. Yay.

*Happy dances*

There will be swear words occasionally.
There will be outrageous images if it’s deemed necessary.
There will be conversation.
I will interact with you as best as I can.
I will answer your questions.

This is how serious I am about Unfiltered

I’ve quit my 9-5 job to do this.
I write full-time and love it.
I am hellbent on inspiring people.

I will give you every part of me.
I will tell you the tough stories that have brought me to tears.
I will tell you things that make me look stupid or weak.
I will inspire you and give you hope, rather than be negative like mainstream media.

Promise me this in return.

I don’t want you to agree or disagree with my opinion.

I simply want to make you think.

Because when you think deeply, your entire life changes. That’s how we improve every aspect of your life – you need to be exposed to new ideas.

The incredible part about Unfiltered

It’s free for the foreseeable future, pal.

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I will help you live with less stress and more freedom by improving every aspect of your lifestyle – money, work, productivity, relationships.


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