Don’t Listen to Those Adult Babies Who Tell You Life Is Unfair

Unfairness is a superpower when you unlock it. Here's how.

It’s fashionable to use social media as a complaints megaphone.

There are adult babies who spend their whole life complaining about how this is or that is unfair. Meanwhile, they live in a nice home with heating and drive a Toyota.

Some do it for the clicks. Because clicks equal money. Others do it because society has programmed them to be weak-minded and believe the news. The news also wants you to believe life is unfair so they can get your clicks and sell you fear.

Fear is an unwanted subscription that keeps you coming back to their news for more. News is addictive. News is a virus that rots away at your mindset.

I’ve had enough of the life-is-unfair crowd. It doesn’t move society forward.

Money doesn’t even the playing field

The lie that is circulated by the supporters of the life isn’t fair movement is that money will make everything better. What a joke. Money rarely fixes problems. The idea we’re all going to have exactly the same amount of money in our bank account to keep things fair is ridiculous.

Money makes life unfair.


Let me explain. My friend is building a startup right now. It’s going to do incredibly well. I said to him “What are you going to do with all the money you get when you sell it?”

He said something odd: “I want to sell it for a modest sum and exit very early. The earlier I exit the less money I will get. But it’s worth it. Beyond a certain point I don’t need the money. Money creates more problems.”

I then asked “but what about leaving behind mountains of cash for your three children.”

Friend: “Leaving behind money for my kids is the biggest disadvantage I could give them in life. Giving money to them will make their life unfair.”

When people get money for free they don’t value it.

When people have to work their way up from rock bottom, they get a lot more than money. They get the mindset that comes from adding enormous value to the lives of others and having that value represented by money. The best thing you can do if you come into a lot of money is to give it all away to a good cause.

Having money doesn’t make life fair. 
Having a lot of money makes life unfair by killing your work ethic.

Life will never be equal

We’re all dealt a different hand of cards in life, yes. But what you do with the cards you’re dealt is up to you.

You can try and fight for equality for all, but the truth is the game of life will never be equal for all. Just like nature isn’t equal. The hungry leopard feasts on the weaker animals. This is the circle of life and this is nature. Nothing is created equal and wanting everything to be equal is the definition of insanity.

– Unknown

Your level of value is never going to be equal. You’ll excel in some things. You’ll be terrible at others. Random events you will never be able to piece back together again may create perceived ‘bad luck.’ A person may treat you unfairly because they’re having a bad day.

Inequality is the law of nature. Once accepted, your mind opens to possibility.

Fairness is seeking perfection

That’s what fairness really is. In a fantasy world everything would be perfect. Everything would be exactly how you want it to be. People would behave the way they should. The general public would accept health advice and do as they’re told when a virus wreaks havoc on the world.

That’s nice. But this is la la land. 

Trying to live up to this level of perfection eventually leads to frustration. Frustration then becomes anger if left to fester for long enough. Deeply angry people are really perfectionists in disguise. They want their view of the world to come true, even though that’s 100% impossible.

Imperfect is beauty. Imperfect is opportunity.

Fight fairness with work ethic

Right now social media platforms are reducing the number of people your photos, writing, and videos are seen by. They show your content to less people in favor of ads or their business objectives. It’s a simple way to do business.

A few of my writer friends have been affected by the changes. There are two groups: one group complains and wishes for the algorithm to go back to the way it was. The other group ignores the change. They’re grateful if even twenty people can see their writing for free.

The first group is still complaining and using “lottery thinking” to pray for luck to favor them again. They’re getting together in groups and threatening social media apps with a mass exit if they don’t listen up. It’s loud. It’s angry. It’s toxic.

The second group has a different outlook. Their solution is to write in more places and spread the risk of relying on any one platform. They have increased their work ethic and are quietly publishing more content to make up for the reduced exposure. They’re getting creative and saying “hey, maybe I can write a book and make money from that too.”

Creativity cuts the shackles of unfairness.

Big business is unfair too

One of my audience members refuses to publish their book on Amazon.

“Amazon are crooks who treat their employees unfairly.”

She is exactly right. The problem is that Amazon is really the only place you can publish a book and have people buy it. By refusing to use Amazon she’s missing an enormous opportunity that will cut off much of her income as a writer.

I said to her “Name one big company that does the right thing?” There isn’t one. They all do stuff wrong when you look under the covers, work there, or speak to employees.

The better choice is to put a book on Amazon and then simultaneously use one of the alternatives like Gumroad. There is a further opportunity to then tell potential customers which platform they should buy your book from and why.

Unfairness-centered thinking stops progress. Accepting things are unfair and applying creativity helps level the scales.

Here’s how to make unfairness a superpower

See unfairness as an advantage.

want things in life to be unfair. When I got rejected from potential employers because I was deemed “too entrepreneurial,” I took the unfair feedback and implemented it.

They ended up being right.

I started a business on the side and made 7-figures from it. So I’m thankful they were unfair to me with their harsh feedback.

When life is fair it’s boring. Unfairness drives you to prove those with power wrong. A fair life has less energy. There’s not as much urgency to solve problems. Unfairness brings about innovation.

Adopt these sayings to make life fair:

  • This is an opportunity in disguise

  • I am going to prove them wrong

  • Fairness and luck are an illusion

  • I can outwork this unfairness

The adult babies are wrong.

Life is unfair and always will be, and that’s the greatest opportunity of our lifetime.

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